photo and 3D rendering graphics compiled by william yip

Award winning team includes William Yip, Michael Tang, & Jason Cheung plus a lot of freelance designers. The works has been involved in (AGDC 2003 - 2005, AIMIA Award, Next Wave Festival, Digital Fringe) Australia. The game production, Joy to the world is a popular download game in c|net

William Yip, Digital Producer, award winner of Splash Mob Design Competition 2006 by Swatch, Switzerland and his works involved in Vad Digital Festival 2006, Spain., AI Art Lab in Italy and Britain. The generative work has been display in Commonwealth Games Art Festival 2006, Melbourne, Australia. 

He had invited by Generative Art Conference, Italy as Speaker from 2006 to now. The recent work is nominated for Future Art Award in Dubai. The latest artwork/photo won the major prize in China. He is major on AI art composition, 3D animation, digital art, game engine development, game design and soundscapes design.

Michael Tang, Creative Director. He is major on game mapping design and graphic design.

Jason Cheung, Music Director. He is major on digital music composition, sampling and soundscapes.


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