are you an identical twin?

be part of a damien hirst artwork at tate modern

tate modern, london is searching for identical twins willing to take part in a damien hirst artwork

for the pop life exhibition. throughout the exhibition, pairs of twins will sit in front of

two of damien hirst’s iconic spot paintings.

the tate are asking identical twins to participate for a number of shifts of four hours each

during the span of the exhibition: 1 october 2009 to 17 january 2010 (exhibition closed

24, 25 and 26 december,2009).


you must be identical twins, ideally of the same height and stature. the project brief

requires participants to present identical styles of hair and clothing during the performance.

successful participants will show a willingness to perform the role as specified by the artist.    

you must be aged 18 or over.

you will need to commit to a minimum of four shifts of four hours over the duration of

the exhibition.

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