born to serbian parents on july 10, 1856  and dying on january 7, 1943, nikola tesla is

one of the most significant
scientists and inventors the world has ever seen.

model of induction motor - tesla’s egg columbus

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tesla was schooled in gospic and karlovac, and studied technical imagesciences in

prague and graz. after completing his studies, he worked in the postal-telephone association,

on the installations of phone lines, and soon after the got the job in thomas edison’s

company in paris. once there he did some modifications on edison’s dynamo machines

which allowed him to work with the renowned scientist in america. tesla worked with

edison for a while, until one year later he opened his own laboratory.

tesla was famous for his achievements in the are of electrical engineering, machining and telecommunications. his best known inventions are transformer, wireless electrical energy

transfer, induction motor, remotely conducted boat. he worked a lot on the radio technology,

and one of his more important works was the elimination of radio-interference.

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hydraulic analogy

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inside the the nikola tesla museum

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drawing of nikola tesla

outside the nikola tesla museum, belgrade, serbia

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nikola tesla appears on the 100 serbian dinar RSD note

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nikola tesla museum, belgrade, serbia

nikola tesla energy independence celebrations

(july 10 -12)

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