October 2008

german artist thomas grünfeld has created a wide variety of artworks in different medium over his

career. on of his stand out series is ‘misfits’ a collection of hybrid taxidermy animals. you could

describe these pieces as animals collages as they meld two different animals together, one being

the body and one the head. the creations are real but they appear to be the sort of creatures

dreamed up by children.

thomas grünfeld at galerie philippe jousse

‘misfit (dobermann)’, 1998

‘misfit (pig/bird)’, 2001

‘misfit (girafe)’, 1997 &  ‘misfit (cow)’, 1997

‘misfit (deer)’, 1999

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the park houses by ushida-findlay architects located in preston, UK have been granted planning permission.

the unusual eco-homes  feature a wave-like green roof which covers fives individual four-story homes.

the homes will all share a common leisure space that surrounds the complex. special planning had been

done to insure sustainable practices, bio-diversity and low carbon emission. the homes have large windows

to let in natural light and also take some power from solar panels. the construction will be done with locally

sourced materials and is set to begin soon.


via world architecture news

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