August 2008

graphic designer vince frost has designed a limited edition of t-shirts for the young blood markets in sydney.

the 100% bamboo t-shirt collection is highly graphical and uses frost’s simplistic style. designboom mart joined

young blood markets to promote innovative design.


left: hoty w01, right: drat m02

left: cls w01, right: ft m01

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the sketchbook of alberto meda

‘detour: the moleskine city notebook experience’ is a project which was previously exhibited in paris,

new york and london. the well-known notebook maker moleskine gave 70 of their notebooks to an

international selection of artists, writers, thinkers and designers. the exhibition displayed what each

of them did with the project. while the exhibitions are over, we thought we would highlight some of the

designers and architects selected. after all, it isn’t very often you get a glimpse into the sketchbooks

of today’s top designers.

sketchbooks clockwise from top left: marti guixé, constantin boym, ron arad & massimiliano fuksas

the sketchbook of michael graves

the sketchbook of ron arad

the sketchbook of marti guixé

the sketchbook of alberto meda

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‘casa tóló’ is the creation of portuguese architect álvaro leite siza vieira, son of the 1992 pritzker prize

winner álvaro siza vieira. located on a steep hill in northern portugual, siza was confronted with

a difficult building site. instead of fighting the natural environment, the architect embraced it using

the slope as the home’s main characteristic. the home begins at the top of the hill and slowly reveals

itself as you descend down the outdoor staircase. the home was designed as a vacation home for the

architect’s cousin, wife and children. despite the familiar connection the home was built on a tight

budget of 150,000 usd. the various rooms are divided among the levels, each one even has its own

patio space. despite the frontal exposure to the hot sun, the residence is cooled by the earth which

surrounds it on three sides.

photographs © fg+sg/fernando guerra

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