April 2007

Blog: Kryptonite Discovered; Adamantium Remains Elusive

In the ultimate crossover storyline, the BBC reports that miners in Serbia have dug up a hard white mineral of the same chemical composition as that most famous of fictitious minerals–kryptonite.The collective laughter of Lex Luthor,…

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Blog: The DNA Formerly Known as Junk

You remember my post about how quantum computers really work, compared with how they are portrayed in the news?Well, now I die by the sword. My story on widespread bits of “junk” DNA conserved during mammalian evolution inspired a, uh, spirited…

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New Resident Evil 4 Wii Teaser Trailer.

A new Resident Evil 4 Wii trailer has show up on Capcom’s Japanese teaser site for the game. The trailer shows off the shooting control’s as well as the Wii’s apparent ability to bring your games to life. One last thing, The trailer actually has English actors!

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