May 2006

Prediction: June 6, 2006 conspiracy theories to surface
I noticed this on the plane out here on monday, I looked at my phone and saw the date: 06/06/05. It occurred to me that next year the MM/DD/YY date strings on all devices worldwde will read 06/06/06.   

This is all it takes: wait for a conspiracy theory to emerge around this date, it will be singled out as some sort of seminal moment in human history: WWIII will start, asteroid hit, coup d’etat and imposition of martial law in the US, suitcase nuke somewhere, we’re waiting for the “what” gets predicted to happen on that day, not “if” a wild theory will evolve in advance of it.

Remember my Law of the Expected Unexpected, whatever the conspiracy theory posits for 06/06/06, it will absolutely, positively not occur on that day in particular. (Douglas Adams had a name for it in Hitchhiker’s Guide: a number whose value can be anything but itself, and its use in practice was that the given hour for a dinner party was the one moment in time where it was impossible for any of the guests to arrive).

The smart way to play 06/06/06, from a working conspiracy theorist’s vantage point is to posit something that won’t be immediately disproved by June 7th arriving without the world ending. Birth of the AntiChrist is always a good one. It still leaves years to write books, hit the lecture circuit and start a small cult of personality around the theory.

Proof of my theory that a conspiracy, apocalyptic, messianic meme around 06/06/06 will emerge will occur when George Ure’s friend Cliff, over at the Web Bot Project picks up a lot of chatter around this theme. (Maybe this post will kick that process off ;)

Gentlemen, start your hysteria engines.

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